Equipment Rebuilds

Upgrading or rebuilding existing equipment is often the most economical way to increase production and reduce maintenance and energy costs. Our staff is experienced with developing cost-effective upgrades and rebuilds that suit our customers’ requirements.

Tenova Inc. provides complete equipment rebuild, upgrade and modification services for melt shop equipment and industrial furnaces.

Recent melt shop equipment projects include:

  • Conversion of a conventional tapping EAF to a bottom-tapping configuration
  • Electrode clamp conversion
  • Revamp of a vacuum degassing units pumping system

Recent industrial furnace projects include:

  • Combustion system revamps
  • Extension of a walking beam reheat furnace
  • Furnace widening revamp
  • Skid system upgrade for a pusher furnace

To learn more about our melt shop equipment technical services contact

To learn more about our industrial furnace technical services contact Dave Pekor at