Rotary Hearth Furnaces - Specialty Applications

Tenova Inc. has over 300 rotary hearth furnace references. Design and supply of rotary hearth furnaces are provided for heat treating, bloom reheating in seamless pipe mills, calcining, carbon based DRI production, metal reclamation as well as other applications.

We have an extensive reference list of large rotary furnaces (up to 222 feet in diameter). Our unique hearth design can accommodate even larger furnaces.

Custom designs of the combustion system, the combustion chamber, waste gas system, seal system, refractory construction, and material handling systems are utilized for the different applications for which these furnaces are utilized.

Computerized fluodynamic simulation and lab tests have been used to design proper flow dynamics of waste gases inside the furnace for special applications.

Our rotary hearth furnaces are utilized for:

  • Bloom / billets reheating for seamless pipe mills
  • Reheating for forging applications
  • Heat treating of wire coils
  • Heat treating of large pipes
  • Carbon baking
  • Glass parts thermal treatment
  • Calcining of coal & carbon products
  • DRI production from ore or from waste material
  • Iron nugget processing

Contact Thomas Walsh at for information about our specialty application furnaces.