Walking Hearth Furnaces

Walking hearth reheating furnaces are a highly flexible alternative compared to pusher type reheating furnaces. Advantages of a walking hearth design include: less scale production, less decarburization and no product remains in the furnace when the furnace has to stop operation (ability to walk final product piece through).

The Tenova Inc. walking hearth furnace design produces a high quality final product due to the lack of mechanical marking. Our proven wheels, ramps and guide systems provide reliable furnace operation. Long refractory life, minimized deflection and convenient scale collection are the advantages of our hearth design.

Applications include the reheating of:

  • billets
  • blooms
  • slabs
  • beam blanks
  • pipes

To learn more about our walking hearth furnace technology and related equipment contact Thomas Walsh at core.furnace.sales@tenova.com