Pusher Furnaces

Most of our pusher furnaces designed decades ago are still in operation today and provide quality products. Tenova Inc. pioneered the use of hot riders for skids in these applications and developed the technology for almost 40 years. Today, we offer an innovative modular pusher furnace design for cost effective installations.

In addition to complete installations, we provide advanced modifications and solutions to enhance pusher furnaces including:

  • New skid systems
  • Off-set of the skids
  • New hot rider designs
  • Burners with low NOx emissions
  • Waste heat recovery systems

Tenova Inc. has provided revamp projects for productivity increases (up to 30%), optimum temperature uniformity, increased surface quality and improved energy efficiency.

We have pusher furnace references for various types of products such as:

  • Blooms
  • Slabs
  • Billets
  • Intermediate products/pre-shaped blanks

We provide innovative technologies for:

  • Proprietary skid systems featuring - hot riders (including design for 100% top & bottom firing furnaces), offsetting and steam production
  • State of the art burners & combustion systems including on/off control and sequential firing.
  • Segmented/swinging change doors
  • Totally dry & light weight discharge doors
  • Extractor pocket burners.
  • Soak hearths with metal rails or hard refractory blocks
  • State of the art Level 1 control
  • State of the art Level 2 control, including self tuning features for multiple furnace applications.

To learn more about our pusher furnace technology and related equipment contact Thomas Walsh at core.furnace.sales@tenova.com