Roller Hearth Tunnel Furnaces for Thin Slabs

Tenova Inc. provides tunnel furnaces to reheat thin slabs 40 to 90 mm thick. Tenova Inc. also designs and supplies roller hearth furnaces for endless rolling plants with bar lengths up to 1,000 feet.

Among our references is the only roller hearth furnace in existence, reheating stainless steel thin slabs and discharging up to 2250F (special rolls are used for the application).

We offer unique, proven and reliable technology for all the parts of the roller hearth tunnel furnace system including:

  • Custom design burners and combustion system
  • Shuttle or swivel furnaces
  • Stainless steel & silicon steel applications
  • Proprietary low maintenance roll design
  • Level 1 & tracking systems
  • Level 2 control and thermal models
  • Process simulator for designing, planning and de-bottlenecking facilities

To learn more about our tunnel furnace technology and related equipment contact Thomas Walsh at