Walking Beam Furnaces

Tenova Inc. is a leading provider of walking beam reheating furnaces for a variety of applications. Our walking beam furnace design combines the latest advancements in hot rider and skid system technology, process control and Level 2 automation as well as advanced burner technology. Applications include the reheating of:

  • billets
  • blooms
  • slabs
  • beam blanks
  • pipes

and materials such as:

  • copper
  • carbon steel
  • stainless steel
  • oriented/non oriented grain steel
  • titanium
  • special alloys

Energy efficient sequential firing, reduced NOx emissions and reduced skidmarking are additional benefits that can be realized through our walking beam furnace designs. To learn more about our walking beam furnace technology and related equipment contact Thomas Walsh at core.furnace.sales@tenova.com