Trufire Injection System

The Trufire Injection System is a proven and reliable thermo-chemical package and can be applied to any existing EAF, AC or DC. The lances are positioned through a port in the EAF lining. This location allows for better scrap heating and cutting efficiency in burner mode, which then increases the injection efficiency in lancing mode because of the short flow path. A mixture of air and water is used to cool the lances. Thanks to this technology the optimum cooling rate can be achieved with a very low water flow which assures the safe operation of the equipment.

Both oxygen and solid material (carbon, lime, DRI fines and others) lances take advantage of an innovative shrouding technology to keep a compact stream, thus achieving the highest yield of injection material or gases.

Trufire Injection System saves money because of:

  • Shorter tap to tap time and productivity increase
  • Reduction of electrical energy used compared to any other chemical package
  • Increase of metallic yield by reduction of the FeO content in slag
  • Reduction of carbon injected due to the highest efficiency of the shrouded injection
  • Decrease of refractory wear and electrode consumption by better foamy slag operation
  • Simpler and safer operations for the furnace crew

The lance can inject:

  • Oxygen
  • Carbon
  • Lime
  • DRI fines
  • EAF dust and other materials to the bath

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