Ladle Furnaces

Tenova Inc. provides state-of-the-art ladle furnaces. Configurations include swing roof, fixed roof, swing electrode and dual station LMF facilities combined with vacuum degasser stations where necessary. These designs have incorporated alloy and flux material handling systems ranging from basic configurations to completely automated systems.

Our design includes:

  • Provide a power source capable of holding and increasing the temperature of steel in the ladle. Systems designs aim at a 7 F temperature rise after stabilization.
  • Provide an inert gas stirring system to insure homogeneity of the temperature and chemistry of liquid steel.
  • Provide a method to increase the slag cover deep enough to bury the arc and maximize the transfer of heat into the liquid steel while minimizing the transfer of heat into the ladle of ladle furnace refractories or water-cooled parts.

Tenova Inc. provides complete ladle furnace systems including electric power supply, operator control pulpits, PLC based automation system, inert gas stirrings, ladles, ladle transfer cars, additives charging and injection systems, dedusting and auxiliary equipment such as the electrode make-up stations. Each heating station is equipped with units for enhanced ladle metallurgy:

  • Gas stirring system for alloy and temperature homogeneity
  • Alloy and flux addition systems including cored wire
  • Temperature, carbon and oxygen measurement lances

The fume evacuation system is designed to avoid the passage of air over a bare steel surface inside the ladle furnace. Evacuation systems handle surplus fumes leaving the furnace, either from the roof gap or from the electrode holes.

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