With 8 installations in North America and over 35 worldwide, Consteel® has proven that it is the solution for the constant challenges faced by EAF operations everywhere. The efficient use of available energy, meeting strict environmental regulations, flicker reduction, harmonic disturbance reduction, and productivity increases are some of the features of the Consteel® system.

Consteel® is the process of continuously feeding and preheating the metallic charge (scrap, pig iron, HBI, etc.) to the EAF while controlling gaseous emissions. The charge is loaded directly from the scrap yard or rail car to the charge conveyor. The charge is then automatically and continuously transported to the EAF as it is preheated by off gases leaving the furnace through the preheat conveyor. Once preheated, the charge discharges into the EAF where it is continuously melted by the liquid steel. This permits constant flat bath operation, a key advantage over conventional EAF processes where scrap is melted directly by the electric arc.

The many advantages of the Consteel® process compared to other modern EAF technologies are:

  • Electrical energy savings
  • Lower power requirement for the same level of production reduces kWh unit cost
  • Significant decrease in electrical disturbances on the network
  • Lower electrode consumption and electrode breakage
  • Cost reductions for logistics, manpower, maintenance and waste product management
  • Lower use of oxygen and no burner fuel consumption
  • 1 - 2% increase in scrap yield
  • Less dust is evacuated to the baghouse

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