H2 Batch Annealing

Tenova Inc. provides bell-type furnaces for Hydrogen Batch Annealing (HPH®) of steel strip. Our advanced technical designs provide the steel strip quality that meets the strict requirements of the customer including:

  • No carbon deposits
  • No surface decarburization (even with high-carbon sheets)
  • No surface oxidation (including Cr and Si steels)
  • Corrosion resistance for phosphate and painted steel sheet
  • Phosphating properties
  • High surface quality

Innovative bell-type furnace designs are also available for:

  • Annealing silicon electrical strip
  • Spheroidizing and recrystallizing of wire coils
  • Bright annealing of non-ferrous coils

With more than 7,500 annealing base installation to their credit of which 2,500 utilize HPH® technology, please visit the Tenova LOI Thermprocess website to learn more about their world leading bell-type furnaces for the heat treatment of steel strip.

To learn more about our heat treating furnace technology and related equipment contact Thomas Walsh at core.heattreating@tenova.com.