Non-Ferrous Furnaces
Clean Tube Furnace For Copper

Because the performance of CFC replacement refrigerants is jeopardized by minute amounts of contaminants within the tubing, the Clean Tube Furnace eliminates the problem with a unique purging system that removes virtually all residual lubricants and oxidants. This virtually eliminates the need for any special cleaning before the tube is installed. Available through a licensing agreement with Daido Steel, the totally enclosed convection design enhances temper uniformity by providing precise heating control and unmatched heating evenness. This results in extremely consistent temper throughout the coil, which can be held per exact manufacturer's specifications throughout each production run and from shipment to shipment.

To further aid ACR equipment manufacturers, the furnace is specially designed and equipped to maintain the coil's shape as it is annealed, reducing shape distortion. This feature reduces the "tangling" effect, inherent in unwinding level wound coils for final use.

Aluminum Furnaces

Furnace designs are available for aluminum applications including:

  • Strip, coil and foil annealing
  • Heat treatment of aluminum components
  • Melting, holding and casting
  • Twin chamber melting/recycling
Floating Furnace

Available through our license agreement with Daido Steel is the floating furnace for the annealing of open coil light gauge strip. The furnace is able to process aluminum, brass and copper strip, and it conveys the product through the furnace in a floating state, offering many advantages over conventional annealing furnaces:

  • Scratch marks are eliminated
  • Optimal grain size, hardness, strength and surface cleanliness is achieved
  • Wrinkles due to thermal stress are eliminated
  • Uniform grain size is obtained due to uniform heating and cooling
  • Air infiltration is minimized by sealing rolls at inlet and out of furnace
  • Leveling can be eliminated
  • Optional preheating chamber reduces fuel consumption by 16%

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