Continuous Heat Treating Furnaces

Tenova Core provides a wide variety of continuous furnaces for pipe, bar, tube, strip, plate, wire and rod coil, parts for cold forging, automotive components as well as many other material applications. We are a leading supplier of rotary hearth furnaces (over 300 to our credit), continuous roller hearth furnaces and complete heat treating lines for plate and pipe applications.

  • Strips
  • Slugs
  • Fasteners
  • Forgings/Castings
  • Bars
  • Pipe
  • Tube
  • Plate
  • Wire and rod
  • Automotive components

Our continuous furnaces designs provide energy efficient processing and can accommodate flexible processing requirements. We have the experience in a wide range of heat treating applications such as spheroidize annealing, stress relieving, bright annealing, harden-quench-tempering, brazing and normalizing. Typical continuous furnace designs include:

  • Continuous annealing Si-Steel furnaces
  • Rotary hearth furnaces
  • Continuous roller hearth furnaces
  • Walking beam/hearth furnaces for heat treating applications
  • Roller "barrel" furnaces
  • Normalizing/tempering lines
  • Continuous annealing lines
  • Harden, quench and temper lines
  • Mesh belt furnaces
  • Catenary furnaces
  • Clean tube furnaces for copper
  • Aluminum/copper strip floating furnaces

To learn more about our heat treating furnace technology and related equipment contact Thomas Walsh at