Generators (Atmosphere)

Tenova Inc. has extensive experience designing and supplying endothermic gas generators to complement its atmospheric heat treating furnace installations. Generators for other applications are available including; exothermic, purified exothermic and ammonia dissociated.

The generator technology is provided by Tenova Inc. via a license agreement with Daido Steel. All generators provide flexibility, efficiency and durability.

Specific features include:

  • Natural gas and electrical heat source provides easy operation and maintenance
  • Highly stable dew point of the generated gas
  • The special catalyst thoroughly dissolves the mixed gas
  • The U-Shaped retort uses a special heat resistant cast steel that can withstand long term use
  • Up to one-third of the maximum volume of the generated gas can be subjected to turn-down, ensuring a reduction in gas or power consumption
  • Special controller keeps the air-gas ratio constant, preventing any changes in the components of the generated gas
  • The lower heat release rate of the combustion chamber ensures longer life
  • Less danger of backfire because the burner nozzle speed is much higher than the flame propagation speed
  • Easy adjustment for both lean and rich mixtures
  • Equipped with various devices such as a flame detector, for increased safety

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