Rotary Hearth Calciners

Tenova Inc. is a worldwide leader in the supply of loose carbonaceous material calciners based on rotary hearth technology. These furnaces are used for the processing of lignite, sub-bituminuous coal, brown coal, petroleum coke, formed coke briquettes and various other carbon based products. We design and supply rotary hearth furnaces that provide a higher quality product than typical rotary kilns. The advantages over traditional kiln technology include:

  • Higher fixed carbon recovery due to less burnout and less carryover
  • Lower fuel usage
  • Lower pollution emissions
  • Consistent coke quality
  • Lower refractory maintenance cost
  • More flexible operation
  • More visible operation
  • Less degradation of the material granules due to the gentler processing of the material.

Our calcining technology includes features such as:

  • Hot recovery of escaped particles in waste gases
  • Waste gas incineration
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Sealed discharge systems
  • Cooling systems

Additionally, Tenova Inc. also supplies a rotary hearth based unit for drying of coal products.

To learn more about our carbon processing technology and related equipment contact Thomas Walsh at