Process Control and Automation

Advanced integrated automation and process control systems are essential to staying competitive in todayís manufacturing environment. Tenova Inc. has one of the largest staffs in North America dedicated to the development of customized Level 1 and Level 2 process control and automation systems for a wide variety of steelmaking, steel reheating and heat treating processes.

We have experience with process control equipment and software from all leading manufacturers and publishers. Level 1 and Level 2 systems are designed based on the customerís specifications, with refinements resulting from our process analysis. We provide intuitive and effective interfaces, allowing for easy monitoring and control of scheduling/pacing, tracking, reporting and other vital functions. Our online and offline 2D and 3D thermal models provide superior accuracy, allowing for optimum furnace efficiency and production. Information generated by our systems can be communicated to other plant computers.

With one of the largest Level 1/Level 2 reference lists for reheating furnaces in North America, we have the proven systems to keep your plant running efficiently. Main features include:

  • Supervisory control for energy efficiency and quality
  • Thermal modeling
  • Off-line modeling, analysis and design
  • On-line modeling and control
  • Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Systems
  • Material tracking and inventory management
  • Data collection, reporting and analysis
  • New instrumentation and PLCís
  • Material handling systems

We also provide advanced solutions for melt shop equipment applications including:

  • Digital electrode regulation
  • Alloy addition
  • Desulfurization modeling
  • Carbon and oxygen injection measurement
  • Charge profile modeling

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